Money Magazine Features Strategic Planning Group

Money Magazine features Strategic Planning Group.  There is quite a feeling that comes with receiving a phone call where the individual on the other line states that a national magazine would like to feature Strategic Planning Group.  Maintaining a home town feel and atmosphere is important to us but we are also pleased to offer national, advanced expertise.  Our goal from the very beginning is to create a long-term, client-advisor relationship with a hands-on, personalized focus.   With that being said, we are very honored that we were chosen to appear in Money Magazine.

Enjoy the article below and don’t hesitate to copy this link to our blog article and share with your friends and family or download it. Referrals are the best form of flattery.  

Who knows, maybe next time instead of a post stating Money Magazine Features Strategic Planning Group, maybe it will say Forbes Magazine Features Strategic Planning Group. 

To download a copy of the article, click here.  Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts and articles. 

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