Initial Moves

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Your Journey to Financial Confidence Begins Here

Embark on a seamless onboarding experience with Strategic Planning Group as we guide you through the various stages of our complimentary meetings:


Ongoing Reviews


In our first meeting, we focus on getting to know you. We delve into your financial landscape, legal considerations, and tax implications. This sets the foundation for a personalized approach that aligns with your unique goals. As part of our commitment to crafting a retirement that reflects your individual aspirations, we also explore your Perfect Calendar®, which is a tool to help guide every financial decision toward the life you envision.

Pre-Strategic Plan:

Following the discovery meeting, our advisors work diligently to create a Pre-Strategic Plan. This session provides a clear snapshot of where you could be with the retirement options available to you. We aim to empower you with insights that form the basis for informed decisions.


Transitioning from planning to action, the Implementation Meeting is where the Strategic Plan comes to life. We initiate the implementation phase, opening accounts, finalizing legal work, and taking tangible steps toward your financial objectives. Depending on your unique circumstances, some aspects of this implementation process may also be introduced in the Pre-Strategic Plan meeting to expedite the progress and ensure a smooth transition from planning to execution.

Initial Review:

As your accounts are established, legal work is completed, and plans are set in motion, we gather for the Initial Review Meeting. Here, we ensure everything is in place and address any additional considerations or adjustments you may desire.

Ongoing Reviews:

Our commitment extends beyond the initial stages. We conduct yearly reviews, or more throughout the year if needed, to assess the progress of your financial strategy. Whether it's reviewing accounts, addressing life changes, or making necessary adjustments, we keep your plan dynamic and aligned with your evolving needs.

At Strategic Planning Group, we aren't just financial advisors; we're partners in your journey to financial well-being. Our comprehensive process, rooted in the philosophy of crafting a retirement that aligns with your personal goals and aspirations, ensures that every step is carefully planned and executed. By focusing on your Perfect Calendar®, we aim to create not just financially sound plans, but personally fulfilling retirements. Together, let's redefine your path to financial confidence and retirement fulfillment.