Our Approach

Chess Board, Strategic Approach
Strategic Planning Group was founded by Ryan Craner with a simple concept in mind: to help clients create an all-inclusive written Strategic Plan™. A Strategic Plan™ is to your financial life what a blueprint is to building a home.

This financial blueprint or Strategic Plan™ is a written document that identifies and works toward your goals and objectives, retirement planning, financial security, tax reduction, and risk management. The purpose and design of a Strategic Plan™ are to ensure your current assets and resources are properly positioned and funded to meet your life’s goals and objectives.

We believe having a written plan before recommendations are made is a far more accurate and effective approach. Too many consumers are exposed to sales people of whom narrowly focus on selling a pre-selected product or service. Your Strategic Plan™ will specify which strategies, tactics, and tools should be considered and utilized. It’s important to have an advisor who oversees your entire financial strategy.

We offer you comprehensive advice in a variety of areas including but not limited to:
  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Family Legacy Planning and Estate Tax Elimination
  • High Confidentiality
  • Regular Annual/Semi-annual Reviews
  • Investment Strategies
  • Tax Reduction
  • Consumer Education
  • Consumer Protection
  • A Long-Term, Multi-generational Client/Advisor Relationship