4 Ways to Save and Not Over Spend This Holiday Season

Holiday expenses add up quickly. Putting too much money toward the season could hinder your savings plan. Follow these 4 easy ways to save, and not over spend, this holiday season.

1.     Make a list and check it twice. Before heading out to purchase gifts make a list of who you want to buy for. Be sure to include new decorations and party hosting costs. Look over your list and set a holiday budget that you can stick to. If you stay under the set amount, be sure to move the extra funds to your savings account.

2.     Be smart when you travel. Holidays can be the most expensive time to travel. If you plan to fly home be sure to shop for deals before purchasing your ticket. This might be a great time to cash in some of those frequent flyer miles you have been saving all year.

3.     Save that year-end bonus. It may be tempting to splurge but consider putting the extra cash towards your retirement savings. This could help fast track your savings goals.

4.     Review your financial plan. Sit down with your advisor and review your progress for the year. Identify areas where changes could be made. You might find you saved more, or less, for retirement than you planned.

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